Last Updated: 7/5/2019

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A few notes from our Visionary Leader:


Welcome Friends!

We enjoyed  seeing those of  you attended our birthday party - which was 2 years in the planning and took place August 2 -4). 


[NOTE:  Now that our small team has taken time to recover, we will be adding pictures and stories to this site.  Thank you for your patience.]

From meager beginnings in 1855, when it was but one saw-mill on the Thornapple River, the area grew steadily as more settlers found the fertile valley to be a pleasant haven. With the arrival of Grand River Valley Railroad in 1869, the Village blossomed and became Incorporated.


One hundred and fifty years later much has changed but the spirit of Nashville has only strengthened. 


For some, the roots that our founders laid connect tangibly through genetics.  We will be sharing a little of their stories during our opening ceremony on Friday night.  For the rest of us, those who have come later, the connections to our founders come through physical locations and memories.  We will be sharing those stories in different ways throughout the event.


Our Sesquicentennial event will feature history, dancing, food, drinks, music, sports, fireworks, a record breaking event, and more. We genuinely feel that there is something for everyone.  Our Celebration - the party, if you will - is designed to showcase our uniquely friendly community and instill pride in the souls of Nashville citizens.


On behalf of the Sesqui Committee,

Kermit Douse


Celebrate Nashville Michigan 1869 - 2019