Last Updated: 7/5/2019

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The list below is not exhaustive.  It is the list of verifiable Founding Families at the time of printing.  To be counted among the founding families, for the purposes of the Sesquicentennial only, the family must have lived in the Village of Nashville, Maple Grove township, or Castleton township in 1869, be able to prove it, and must have descendants still living in the community.  To the extent possible, Kermit Douse, Putnam library, and the Nashville Michigan Historical Society assisted families by letting them know what criteria was considered “verifiable” and “documented.”


Andrews Family, Orrin Andrews, 1853

Appelman Fam., George & Caroline Appelman, 1865

Appelman/Young, Jacob & Caroline Young, 1869

Baas / Bahs/Bass, Frederick Bahs, 1867

Beard Family, James & Matilda Ann Beard, 1866

Boucher Family, Ebenezer & Clara Pennock, 1834

Brumm Family, George & Elizabeth Brumm, 1868

Cheeseman, George & Mariah Cheeseman, 1852

DeCamp Family, John Franklin & Susan Fuller, 1844

Decker Family, Wm. & Hannah Decker, 1854

Devine Family, Wm & Anna Devine, 1854

Downing Family, Cyrus &Cynthia Downing, 1851

Feighner Family, William & Henrietta Feighner, 1862

Feighner, George & Barbara Poorman Feighner, 1853

Garlinger Family, Theobold & Eva Garlinger, 1859

Graham Family, James Graham, 1869

Kellogg Family, Issac Newton & Malvina, 1867

Lathrop Family, Melatiah Lathrop, 1860

Mead Family, Kenyon & Lydia Mead, 1845

Meade Family, Thomas & Alice Blasdell, 1839

Miller Family, Danniel & Catherine, 1862

Penfold Family, Peter & Sarah Penfold, 1867

Potter Family, Capt. Lucien & Clarinda Potter, 1865 Spire Family, Wm. & Elizabeth Spire, 1868

Swift Family, Orson & Amanda Swift, 1867

Varney Family, William & Amy Ann Varney, 1857

Founding Families