Last Updated: 7/5/2019

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Nashville's 150 Year Celebration was created by a small group of people with the support of the larger community.  In a sense, it is a series of small stories. 


This is the story of the $150 for 150 Years Fundraiser and the families, churches, and businesses who contributed to its success.  

We had an idea that a certain amount of our fundraising efforts should be used to create memories within the hearts of the Community.  We wanted them to be fun, delicious, and creative. But we had a problem.


In early October 2018, after more than a year of planning and our non-profit status secured, we had no money.  Our recently acquired bank account was empty.  Our first fundraiser was a painting with a twist type fundraiser with Sara Martin.  She would bring all of the supplies and we would split the profits.  But for our Spaghetti dinner and tshirt plans, money was needed - sooner better than later.


It was at that point that Stanley Graham from the Maple Valley Class of 1969 attended our October "Big" meeting.  He had a jailhouse that he wanted to rent to us. 


As Stanley listened to our conundrum, one could almost see his idea wheels rolling through his eyes. He suggested that his graduating class, who had fond memories of the Centennial Celebration,  might be interested in putting the hundred dollars in the hat.  Someone suggested that he up to $150 to match the number of years since the incorporation and that if they did it by Monday they would hold the honor of being the first contributor! 


His eyes sparkled,  That was all it took for to get Stan going. 


He went home to talk with his wife Marabeth, a class officer, and called us on Sunday to make arrangements to become our first donor. 


In the meantime, the idea of $150 for 150 years began to take off both on Facebook and within the community so it became a sudden competition with our "first of" donors (first of firsts.


Our "First of" List went as follows: 


First of Firsts and First Aluni Group:  Class of 1969,

Fiirst of Churches:  Nashville Baptist

First of Businesses - Daniel's Funeral Home

First of Families - the Downing family, which was also a Founding Family

First of Civic groups - Nashville Michigan Historical Society

First of Individuals - Stewart Graham

First of Men's Groups - Nashville United Methodist Church


Our other early donors under the "$150+ for 150 Years" campaign included:

The Douse Family

The Hansen/Hoeve Family, in Memory of Stanley & Violetta Hansen

The Descendents of James Graham, a Founding Family

The Swift Family

Shane and Lori McNeill

Cathy Haylock, in Memory of James Hummel

The Frith family, a Founding Family

The Appelman Family

Nashville Lions Club

Grace Commmunity Church

Nashville Church of the Nazarene

Nashville United Methodist Church

66 Unique Antiques

Greenlight Driving School

Maple Valley Central Pharmacy

Musser's Auto Service

Other early cash donors included:

The Herron Family Trust

Maple Valley Class of 1961

Stanton's Auctioneers and Real

Barbara Mix, the Mix Family, a Founding Family

Mike Callton, D.C., our former State Representative

Nashville Family Dentistry

Betty Appelman, in Memory of James Hummel

Please note:  If anyone would like to contribute to the Celebration Fund, either in-kind or monetarily, please contact either Kermit Douse or Stan Graham or send an email to


It is with deep gratitude that we say thank you to these early contributors to the funding of the Nashville Sesquicentennial Celebration.


The Sesquicentennial Committee

$150 for 150 Years