Last Updated: 7/5/2019

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A few notes delivered by Kermit Douse at the Gathering in the Park on August 4, 2019


To the Residents, Merchants and Visionaries of Nashville, Michigan and Beyond,  


The past two years of planning, deliberating and executing have been a monumental undertaking for the small band of committee members that made this Sesquicentennial happen. There was a limited group of regular team participants but a large circle of support of various kinds. If I started naming the individuals that were integral in achieving this vision, I would most certainly neglect someone and that would be a travesty. 

Let me just say first, that without our Major Donors, this celebration could not have occurred. We asked for your support and you sustained us in that endeavor…… and we thank you. 

Without the further reinforcement regarding dozens of businesses and family donors, whether it was cash, in-kind, golf outing, spaghetti dinner or chili cook-off, you all rose to the occasion. Without this help, we most certainly would not have been able to move forward in the fashion that we did.  We acknowledge and thank you. 

To the citizens of Nashville, who accepted this celebration and wholeheartedly associated yourselves with this major Soiree of 2019 …..we thank you.  

And to the Village of Nashville and its employees, who certainly went above and beyond to accommodate our guests and exemplify what small-town life can achieve…… we recognize your energetic response and we thank you as well. 

This 150- year assemblance of the old blending with the new, has unified us and it has renewed our vision of the future and secured our pride in our most valuable resource……… our people. 


Thank You!! 

Thank you!